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The Middle Verdon : a river regulated by a dam...

The flow of water in the Middle Verdon is regulated by the Castillon dam, upstream from Castellane. This section of the Verdon is runable only when dam releases occur.

In the spring, (April Ôtill June), the water releases occur on a regular basis, thanks to the thawing of the snow. In the absence of water releases, trips can be run on the Upper-Verdon, above the dam, in the Fontgaillarde gorges, 45 mn from Castellane.

In the summer, (mid-June Ôtill mid-September), the water releases take place only on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In the Autumn (September), the water releases occur on a regular basis again.

Take note that the following activities do not rely on dam releases: canyoning trips, mountain bike rentals.

Therefore, the days without dam releases are on opportunity to explore the Verdon gorges by the water-rambling activity (see the details sheets of water-rambling half-day trip).


EDF dam water releases on the Middle-Verdon:

You will find below the predictions of the electricity company dam releases on the Middle-Verdon. We put this chart up to date when we receive the predictions form the EDF.

We get confirmation of the coming day schedule every evening at 5.00 p.m. and on the Friday evening at 5.00 p.m. for the coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The flow of the Upper-Verdon is based upon our observations.

Check our new web site at http://www.rafting-verdon.com


Canyoning: which canyon can we ride at the moment?

You will find below a summary of those canyons according to their water levels and conditions (access legislation in St. Auban, etc.).
We will start the canyoning trips by the end of April.

Check our new web site at http://www.rafting-verdon.com



Bookings: don't wait until the last minute!

When should we book? (a very frequent question at ABOARD Rafting!). Only one answer: the sooner the better! The same advice goes for your accommodation...

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information and check our availibility to make an early booking. See you soon!


Equipment for sale:

ABOARD Rafting sells second-hand equipement. We are continuously renewing our equipement so as to offer always top-level confort and safety to our clients. We have rafting and canyoning wetsuits (shorties, long-Johns, jackets, socks), helmets, canyoning harnesses, canyoning bags, rafting life-jackets, raft paddles, white water swimming floating boards, cano-rafts, rafts, etc... Whether you are a company or an individual, don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


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